Now that there are quite a few pages on this website, I thought you might be interested in knowing exactly what I'm working on right now. . . 

Currently (Sunday, March 25, 2018 ) I am adding new information on:

As time permits, I have been trying to add comments that I wrote about passages in the Bible while taking a Navigators 2:7 course, then from different  Word of Life Quiet Time Diaries through August 27, 2011. Since that date I have been using the Radio Bible Class devotional, which uses illustrations from a different place in the Bible nearly every day, so it will be harder for you to follow the dating system unless you also have a Our Daily Bread published by Radio Bible Class.   I will continue to show the verse, my comment, then the date written in the format mm/dd/yy. Some may be quite personal. As you know from my testimony, I became a Christian on January 25, 1986, so the early writings are probably quite different from the later ones. The period I wrote was October 30, 1986 through June 18, 1989, then October 22, 1999 to present. {about 7,600 daily entries}  I sorted them by the book in the Bible to make it more organized. I am trying to keep reasonably up to date. I recently completed writing at least one comment for every verse in Ephesians, Philippians, James, 1 Peter and 1 John.

There are new comments on the following verses:

Leviticus 19:33, 34
1 Corinthians 6:15, 16
1 Peter 3:17
2 Corinthians 9:5
Matthew 5:9
Ephesians 3:14-16
Hebrews 4:8
James 2:5
1 Samuel 20:34
Isaiah 33:6
Malachi 3:8, 9
Mark 6:49, 50
Luke 17:3, 4
Matthew 6:28, 29
1 Thessalonians 5:26
Genesis 1:21
Psalm 16:8, 9
Genesis 13:12, 13
Mark 10:17, 18
1 Thessalonians 1:1, 2
1 Kings 12:16
1 Kings 13:19
Psalm 61:4
Psalm 34:14
Habakkuk 3:10
Hebrews 9:18
Romans 6:17, 18
Psalm 25:6
Job 38:36
Ephesians 4:28
Nehemiah 8:2
Psalm 118:29
Ecclesiastes 3:5
Matthew 14:27
Psalm 79:11, 12
Isaiah 25:12
2 Timothy 4:22
Luke 19:31

I recently added all of the stories from the book, Moody's Stories, Incidents and Illustrations which is the second volume of his Anecdotes, Incidents and Illustrations. The table of contents with links is on this page.

As I traveled from Chicago, IL to Albany, NY in 2007, I took a very indirect route. On the way, I dropped off bookmarks at about 130 churches. Some of the more interesting architecture I added to the church photos page on this site. If you haven't seen the page before, you may see a church that is in your area. . .

It seems that I have met few glowing Christians. I thought I should tell you about them, and motivate you to become one of them, as the Lord leads.

A friend suggested that this web site could be more interactive by the sharing of prayer requests. What I will do until I have a better plan, is to ask for your prayer request on the feedback form, then I will copy and paste them into a special page on the site; called PRAYER REQUESTS. I will leave them on until asked to remove them. You can always submit a new request. I know of at least 4 of us that will be praying for you as the requests are listed here.

I also updated the Spiritual Gifts page.

Near the end of January 2016, I started a new Facebook page for this website. Every day I will be posting a comment there. They could be new writings or from some of the older ones that are posted here. Occasionally I will also post YouTube Christian videos and other things that could be of interest. I'd "LIKE" your participation! Go to Facebook, then the page jesusistheanswer.cc

God willing, I will be making more changes during the colder weather. Check this page and if I have updates, they will show here first. If I have a helper, things could change suddenly.

I'd always like your input and suggestions. Be sure to share them with me on the feedback form or send an e-mail to jesusistheanswer777@hotmail.com