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Many different translations of the Bible have appeared over the years. I obtained an older list that you may be interested in. You can see that here: 

When you click on any of the Bible links below, you will see comments that I wrote during my daily devotional from 1986-1989 and 1999 to present. I started with 1986 (the year I became a born-again Christian), and am trying to keep up to date. There are over 7,600 entries in total, as far as I can determine. At the end of the comment, the date is in MM/DD/YYYY format. {4 digit years for 1999 and 2000}

(The Genesis and Philippians chapters 1 & 2 comments were written all at once in February of 2003; then will follow individual comments on the verses.)

The Bookmark that I produced shows the books in the Protestant versions of the Bible in the order it is printed. The Catholic, Eastern Orthodox and Anglican Bibles have seven additional books in the Old Testament.

The Old Testament is broken into five major sections:

"The Law" (Pentateuch or Torah):

bullet    Genesis
bullet    Exodus
bullet    Leviticus
bullet    Numbers
bullet    Deuteronomy

"The Prophets":

    Historical Books

bullet    Joshua
bullet    Judges
bullet    I Samuel
bullet    II Samuel
bullet    I Kings
bullet    II Kings

"The Writings" (Hagiographa):

bullet    Ruth
bullet    I Chronicles
bullet    II Chronicles
bullet    Ezra
bullet    Nehemiah
bullet    Esther
bullet    Job
bullet    Psalms
bullet    Proverbs
bullet    Ecclesiastes
bullet    Song of Solomon
bullet    Lamentations
bullet    Daniel

"Major" Prophets

bullet    Isaiah
bullet    Jeremiah
bullet    Ezekiel

"Minor" Prophets

bullet    Hosea
bullet    Joel
bullet    Amos
bullet    Obadiah
bullet    Jonah
bullet    Micah
bullet    Nahum
bullet    Habakkuk
bullet    Zephaniah
bullet    Haggai
bullet    Zechariah
bullet    Malachi

In addition, the Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Bible contains:

bullet    Tobit
bullet    Judith
bullet    Wisdom of Solomon
bullet    Sirach
bullet    Baruch
bullet    I Maccabees
bullet    II Maccabees
bullet    plus additions to Esther and Daniel 

The New Testament is broken into four major divisions:

The Gospels:

bullet    Matthew
bullet    Mark
bullet    Luke
bullet    John

The Acts of the Apostles:

bullet    Acts

The 21 Letters (Epistles):

    The Letters of Paul

bullet    Romans
bullet    I Corinthians
bullet    II Corinthians
bullet    Galatians
bullet    Ephesians
bullet    Philippians
bullet    Colossians
bullet    I Thessalonians
bullet    II Thessalonians
bullet    I Timothy
bullet    II Timothy
bullet    Titus
bullet    Philemon

    Other Letters (General Epistles):

bullet    Hebrews
bullet    James
bullet    I Peter
bullet    II Peter
bullet    I John
bullet    II John
bullet    III John
bullet    Jude


bullet    Revelation


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