Have you ever met someone who just seems to "glow?"  How is this person different? The person seems just to have an attractive "radiance" about them. It seems to me that they are just about ready to "explode," in that they want to tell you something if you will only ask!

     These people are generally outgoing. If you don't talk to them, most likely they'll come to you if they have the time - but most often you'll see they are talking excitedly to someone else. Even from a distance, you can tell they are "different;" they seem to have that glowing personality.

     In the secular world, you might see this in some politicians. They HAVE to have an outgoing personality to be in their office  - as they will need your vote.

     In the Christian world, I have found these people incredibly rare. Of the hundreds of Christians that I know, or have met, I can only think of three (3) that seem to glow the spirit of Christ. None of them are considered leaders in today's Christian church.

     I already told you how they are different; they generally are happy and confident, they have absolute assurance of their salvation, and know, without a shadow of a doubt, where they will be in eternity Heaven. While I don't know the personalities of Christians in the past, I would put Jack Wyrtzen in this category also - as I knew him and his love for the Lord Jesus.

    How can "I" (you/me) become a GLOWING Christian? Some of it seems to be the way that God made us. Some of it seems to be the filling of the Holy Spirit, and some of it seems to be our heartfelt desire to share the love of Christ with anyone who will listen.

    I have a feeling that these are the people God uses the most. I hope and pray that you will be among them.