Pastor A. Paul from India requests prayer for his ministries in that country. Starting with one congregation nine years ago, there are now two growing congregations and two house fellowships. Please pray for his continued success in evangelism in the area where he serves.


     Please pray for Dan in Brazil. He is deaf in his right ear and believes Jesus can heal him.


    Hi, I am J.K.  I was in a living relationship with girl named L. for last five years. We planned to get married in October of last year, but suddenly in August my girlfriend said she wanted to break up and since then I have tried everything to get her back. The reason for this is because of me and my possessiveness. I got into the habit of drinking and did stupid things.  At first she asked me to give her time but I didn't give that. Later I went back to my hometown and now I am in India to meet her, but I found out there is someone she is talking to and likes him. I don't want to lose her.

    Father, I am a sinner and I made many mistakes in life and cheated her as well. I want to be a better person now.

    Please pray for my sins and pray for me so that she would come back into my life again and we can get married and live as we planned before. Please pray for me. I love her a lot and need her in my life. Five years we spent together as husband and wife even though we were not married. I have been praying for the past six months. I had many sins. Please pray for my forgiveness. Please help me. Pray for us to be together again. Thank you.

Clearly, we should be praying for the salvation of J.K. first, and his relationship with the Lord, then that he and his friend, L. can get back together if it is the Lord's will.

(1/1/2016) edited for clarification


Please pray for my sister Sosana (here in Zimbabwe) who is battling with arthritis of the legs and is always facing severe pain. Thank you. S.M.



        Please pray for my ministry that God will provide us a willing volunteer missionary to come to Malawi to work with me in the field of evangelism and church planting. Thank you.   H. N.



            Please pray with all your faith that God will Bless me (Phil Chavez) with a Soul Mate as soon as it is possible with God. I've never had a girlfriend and have been praying and hoping for one for at least 18 years. I'm 41 years old now. . . Please also pray God will put it in the hearts of multitudes upon multitudes of people to pray for my prayer requests. Thank you. . . .



             Please pray for my marriage. Please pray that it should happen very soon. My age is 29. Please pray that I should get virgin, virtuous, Godly woman. Please pray that all the demonic powers preventing my marriage should be crushed/cursed and washed away from this world.
            Also I have one case in court. Please pray that I should win that case. Please pray that it should finish soon. Please pray that all the enemies standing against that case should be crushed/cursed and washed away from this world.



    Please pray for Rosario and Sandra - for God to bless our (her) womb with a child and for our tailoring business and Dar al Nahda Trading and Textile business. Also pray for our family to be saved. Thank you.


    My brother RAS has presently got a job in an automotive company in Chennai as a Trainee Diploma Engineer. Please pray that he gets a God-fearing, qualified and working girl (either private or Government firm) from Chennai. Thank you.



Please pray for Louise T. who has several health problems.

 Pastor RA (7/30/2009)


    Please pray for a person in Upstate New York who has cancer. Also for salvation for the brother of the person who asked for this listing. Thanks!

MR 12/27/2008


Praise the Lord

        Please pray as I will have a court case with my brother, Sanjiv. After my father's death, he made forged documents and sold all my assets and property. Now the case is in court. May God give him wisdom and save his soul. Please pray for my mother's health as she is too much stressed and worried. Please pray that my whole family accepts the LORD JESUS as Saviour.

    Please pray to the Lord as I have a court summons from my city for renting my apartment, as this little rent helps me to pay some of my bills. May God give me favor in this case. May God shower his blessing on this case - which is scheduled for October 22, 2008.

    My husband, Mukesh, has applied for a job in AMEC. May God shower His blessings on him. God loves us and cares for us; and He knows our needs. He is good at all times. I praise Him and thank Him in every situation of my life.

    Thank you. May God bless your ministry.

    In Christ,

    Mala 10/18/08


    With time people should be more MATURE, so that Nebojsa understands he underestimated Katarina, which was too harsh and broke up in a hurry. That he will start to appreciate their earlier relationship more - that he start to care for her more - and not to withdraw from his feelings. That he understands that he underestimated his feelings for her and he should make new steps toward Katrina.

    That Nebojsa doesn't get involved in any new relationship; that God will work on him to understand that feelings are not to run from them, but to build a future and life, and put his effort and strength into that; he said and knows what he promised. For their complete reconciliation, conversation and agreement about their future and marriage. That they continue that conversation and bring it to fulfillment as soon as possible. That God will heal all old hurts and bring them together and will lead their meetings and conversations in the future.

    Also for me, Marina, as I am a Christian girl in a ministry. That God will send a right man from Him, a man with LOVE, UNDERSTANDING, PASSION AND GENTLENESS. That God will bring a single and complete person who is formed, gifted, etc.

    For spiritual and material blessings in our families! For more closer and beautiful prayers to the living Lord!

    For all doors from God to be open for us, His children. For many of His resources to be available to us.

    That many of His words and promises we will see fulfilled as soon as possible. God's forming of our personality, open doors for our work and new success in the future.

    For a very interesting and intensive social life, many friends in our lives.

    For new understandings and revelations that will bring joy and strength. May God bless us and fulfill us. May He be able to touch people around us, through us, and bring joy, open spiritual eyes, for financial blessings, goods, independence and an increase. I wish you all the same; may God abundantly, abundantly bless you because you are also in our prayers.

    from Marina 10/15/08



    My prayer request is this: We have a legitimate, and pure ministry, of classic, authentic revival, and worldwide evangelism, a unique ministry. We are trying to expand, and become more organized, so we can go to the many people of this world's cities, who need us, such as Chicago; Mumbai; London, etc. We have great credibility, and I have invested more than 30,000 hours, unpaid, for this. I ask that God touch someone's heart this week, please, to provide just $5,000, so that we can get to the point of more ability to do our crusades. It is urgent. We can give more information, by email or telephone, CA, USA, 310-325-7729.

 Thank you. (8/27/08)



The person who updates this web site (DRM) would appreciate your prayers concerning my future. I would like to serve the Lord Jesus in whatever way He leads me, and don't know if it will be to work in the secular sector or if He will lead me to a ministry position somewhere. Thanks for your prayers!

(9/23/2006) No change (11/7/2008)


Please pray that God brings me my soulmate now. This is all I think about every waking moment, for 13 years . . . torment.

Phil (8/16/08)


Please pray for me as I seek to minister to my people, here in Mauritius, leading them to Christ and helping them to grow in their faith. I am in need of Bibles and related materials. Please help!

Pastor Ronald MODELEY, Bloc C 39, Lte 4
Plaisance, ROSE HILL



Dear Brother,

     Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and Saviour of the World, Jesus Christ.

    We are happy and thrilled to share with you a miracle that happened with prayer. Sister Rani Edwin is in the fourth stage cancer. Breast/lungs and even bones were affected when she had her first medical checkup. She was taken as a special patient to administer a new drug to evaluate the strength of the medicine with special care. A growth of five centimeters was found. For the past three months she has been in our prayers and we have sent prayer requests to people all over the world.

    Yesterday, 1st November, a medical test confirmed that she cannot be considered as special patient to administer the new drug. The growth has vanished and no abnormality was found in her lungs or bones. Everything is normal. We were informed in our Family prayer meeting on Saturday, and today, Sunday, prayer of thanks was given in our Mosjos Mission Church. Where lord says: Now mine eyes shall be open, and mine ears attent, unto the prayer that is made in this place.  For now have I chosen and hallowed this house, that my name may be there for ever; and mine eyes and my heart shall be there perpetually. (2 Ch 7:15-16)


    She will witness that God, our Living Saviour of the World, has touched her and healed her. All Praise to Him. We thank God and are Glorifying Him. We thank all who have prayed for our prayer requests.
    Hope you will inform all the members that miracles are happening and God is with us.

    Pastor M.J.N., India




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