John 3:16
God's Perfection

This section begins my personal opinions on the Bible and related theological thoughts. It could be extensive eventually! The references to the King James Version and the New International Versions of the Bible are used by permission.

The Internet is a whole confluence of thoughts by millions of people. I realize that some people who have other beliefs will not agree with mine, but I feel that I have a right to express them.

If you wish to share your opinion or belief with me, you are free to do that. Jesus said in Matthew 7:12 that we should do to others what we would have them do to us. While you wouldn't like "spam" or hate mail from me if your opinion differed with mine, I also don't want your constant mail if you disagree with me. One message of disagreement is fine, but please don't pursue the same point constantly, as you would not wish for me to do the same to you.

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John 3:16
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