Here are some thoughts on Proverbs 3:5-6

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight." (NIV)

TRUST... what is trust? Complete dedication? Absolute commitment to Him and His will? Willingness to do whatever He asks? There are so many things that come to mind just with the understanding that we are trusting Him (God, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit) to run our lives in whatever way He desires, and to do His will.

LORD... who is the Lord? Who are we really dedicating our trust to? Jesus Christ is our Lord, but we also must remember to include God the Father and the Holy Spirit that is within us. Without the total commitment to the Son, we are not going to be trusting in this Lord.

WITH ALL OUR HEART... We are back to total dedication here. This is not a half-way, part-time commitment. Total commitment is the only way here. Without a total commitment you are still on the "broad road to destruction." (Matt. 7:13,14 NIV)

LEAN... simple word? It seems so easy to do things your own way and not even consider God at all. The path may seem so easy and obvious that any normal worldly person would do it, but that may not be the way that God wants it done at all. We must lean on Him for all decisions that may not seem all that significant at the time. Yes, there are certain day to day decisions that may have to be made without praying to God (e.g. What to eat tonight), but for all other decisions, we must pray that He will lead us to make that correct decision. Lean on Him!

NOT ON YOUR OWN UNDERSTANDING... This was covered somewhat above, but the worldly way is the "natural" way for all of us to go. We want to do things the "simple" way or the way that seems the most direct. God doesn't always work that way. We must know that our understanding quite often does not agree with His understanding. We have a far different perspective than He does, and we must yield our understanding of these events to His view of the overall state of things.

IN ALL YOUR WAYS... Not some of your ways. All of your ways. That's right, not just the ones that you are willing to give up, but even the secret ones that others don't know about. He is going to be watching over every one of your ways, so admit it and "give them ALL to Jesus".

ACKNOWLEDGE HIM... "Hi there!" is not what is meant here. I don't think this means to merely acknowledge His existence, but to acknowledge His overruling presence in our lives, and believe He desires to guide us into His goodness. 

AND HE WILL MAKE YOUR PATHS STRAIGHT... That doesn't seem possible to our worldly friends. "You mean to say that you are always 'walking with the Lord'?" may be a typical comment. That's right! To be everything in these two verses, we would be walking with Him every day. That confidence (of knowing that He is with us) will then give us more confidence in our daily lives. We are able to have less fear of doing the wrong things and more desire to do exactly what He wants us to do. The problem is that it is so, so easy to leave the path. Satan is always making an attractive offer to pull you to the sidelines, to that nice easy road to destruction (away from God's will). 

We must keep this verse in our heart, think about it often and do all of its precepts.