Why would I make a bookmark on the Ten Commandments? The Bible calls the Ten Commandments the covenant or Law - or at least a part of the Law. (Deut. 4:13), (John 10:34) Some Jewish people believe that they will get to heaven by living according to the Law.

    Christians don't believe that.  We feel that, while we can attempt to live by the Law, we will always fall short. (Luke 16:16-17) If we break just one of the ten commandments, we have broken all of them, and we have no way that we can get to heaven by our own means. 

     Christians believe that the only way we can get to heaven is by trusting Jesus to intercede. We know that we have failed to meet the requirements of the Law (Gal. 3:17), (Romans 7:6), (Romans 3:28) and call that failure sin (Romans 3:20).


    Thus, the Ten Commandments are something that we (Jews and Gentiles) should be striving to meet. (Romans 7:11-13) The bookmark is my understanding of what the commandments are from the various versions given. I pray that as you read my explanation, you will also see that you can't meet all of the Law as stated on the bookmark. If that is the case, then you must depend on Jesus Christ to be a substitute for your sins.

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