For several months now, I have noticed that someone or several people have been looking for robots on this site. Since you have been looking, I thought I would attempt to write a little about robots here. 

The American College Dictionary defines a robot as "1. a manufactured or machine-made man. 2. a merely mechanical being; an automaton."

If you are reading this page, rest assured, you are NOT a robot! It may seem like you have looked at thousands of web pages and feel like a machine looking for a particular type of information, and have had no real success. It could be that your life seems to be going in a set pattern continuously; thus you could do your research or work in your sleep, but God wants to assure you that you have more value than that!

God has revealed Himself to us in many ways, like nature, seasons, the stars, various animals of the past and present, and most of all, by making human beings to worship Him. He constantly reminds me that He loves me. He wants you to know how much He loves you, too. 

To show His love for you, He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to live on this earth, teach us of His [God's] ways, and most of all, to die for our sins. He doesn't ask much in return, just our love and devotion to Himself. He wants each of us to repent of our past sins, and to commit our whole self [heart, mind and soul] to following His lead in our lives. When you pray to receive Jesus Christ, God incarnate [in bodily form], as your personal savior, you should feel renewed, or born-again in the spirit. 

Robots don't have a heart, and can't accept this incredible gift. We humans have far more worth to the Lord God than any created robot. It's great to have robots around, and they will become more and more like people, but they won't ever have a soul. That's where you have the advantage. You can have eternal life by accepting the incredible gift of Jesus Christ's death for your sins. You will never rust, but the robots will - eventually. 

Consider Jesus. Let me know if this helped. 

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