Obviously by the dates that D.L. Moody was alive, I never met this man of God; however I feel that his life has greatly impacted mine.

DLMoodyPhoto.jpg (13972 bytes)    My first "encounter" with D. L. Moody was my reading a book written in 1900 by his son, William, in the late 1980's. After reading the book, I had a desire to visit the school in Northfield which was reasonably near to my home (100 miles away).

    In 1988, I first visited the Moody Museum at the Northfield Mount Hermon School which is located where Massachusetts, Vermont and New Hampshire meet. At the time, I met the man in charge of the Museum and he encouraged me to come back and look over the materials there. I was very fortunate to be able to do that for a short period of time.

Dlmbirth.jpg (80208 bytes)(The photo shown is the birthplace of Dwight L. Moody and the location of the Moody Museum at the school in Northfield.)

    During those visits, I was able to review D.L. Moody's Bibles that were in the museum. While the notes were not in his handwriting, I got the impression that the notes that were in his Bibles were written by others and that he used them to prepare his sermons. There were at least three different "polyglot" Bibles (KJV) that had every other page blank, so the notes could be inserted at the appropriate text. Later, I was able to copy a few of the pages from these Bibles for the Moody Bible Institute and the information that I can add here is as a result of making those copies...Thoughts of D.L. Moody - lists from his Bibles.

Mbi.jpg (73897 bytes)In 1990-91, I worked for Moody Bible Institute in Chicago for a short period of time and met several people who were also interested in the life of D.L. Moody. Founder's Week is an annualwmbi.JPG (64178 bytes) conference put on by this school every February. It is held at the Moody Church, which was also founded by D.L. Moody. The school and the church are not related other than that they were both founded by D.L. Moody.



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