Prov. 3:5-6

There are many interesting things about the Christian faith. You can check out more and more information and never really know our Leader, Jesus. "Head knowledge" is not the most important knowledge in this case. Jesus is the answer to all of your spiritual needs, but you must accept Him as your personal, individual Savior. To accept Jesus you must admit that you have sinned, turn from them, and ask Jesus to forgive your sins. Ask Jesus in your heart, and He will send His Holy Spirit to indwell you. It is a total commitment. You give Him your life of sin and He gives you a new life in Him.  It is yielding your will to His will. It is an absolute surrender of your life to His direction.

You will not see a counter on this web site. I am not keeping track of who visited this site, and will never send you an e-mail unless you write me first. 

I will try to send you in directions that I feel will help you to find the answers through this site, but can only pray that you will find Jesus is the answer to ANY spiritual problem and you need to depend totally on Him. Jesus will also heal you physically, if He so desires. As we grow as Christians, we realize that He has many plans for us that we can not even conceive of yet, however the first step is always to trust completely in Him with all of your heart and soul. 

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In 1990, I wrote something called a "tract" which illustrated in another way, how a person can be transformed after accepting Jesus Christ in their heart. Perhaps that will help in a way that is different than the others. To go to the tract, click here.