Ascension - When Jesus Christ left the earth in body, and entered into heaven as the God-Man, to receive all praise, adoration, and honor. This happened 40 days after the resurrection (Acts 1:9-11). (DTC)

Atonement - This is a term that describes what Jesus Christ has done to take care of the problem of sin that separates man from God. Two words used in the Bible that are translated as atonement mean to completely cover over, and to pay the price of ransom. (DTC)

Baptism - A term that has many different meanings, and sometimes is an area of disagreement among Christians. In most cases, baptism includes the following:
    a. water is involved.
    b. There is a formal ceremony of some kind.
    c. The baptism has a special meaning to the people involved. Generally this is to identify with others who follow Jesus Christ. (DTC)

It seems that much like weddings, baptisms have many different forms, and many different meanings, although few would say they are not important. (DTC)

Bible - From an old word meaning book, this refers to the 39 books of the Old Testament, originally written in Hebrew, and the 27 books of the New Testament, originally written in Greek. These days, they are translated into hundreds of languages, and included in one volume. They are called one book, or Bible, because they all tell parts of one story, God's story; for one purpose, so that people can grow in faith, hope and love. (DTC)

Canon - Many other books were written than those in the Bible, which might have been included. Over the centuries, much work and prayer went into deciding which books were included, and which were not. The basic meaning of the word canon is a rule or measure. The books measured to be inspired by God were therefore included in "the Canon". (DTC)

Deity - The character and nature of God. The Supreme Being. (DTC)

Eternity - A way of describing God. His existence has no beginning, and will have no end. (DTC)

                    A period of time that has no end. (DRM)

Exaltation - Literally, to be lifted up to a higher place. As used in the Bible, to be given a place of honor. Interestingly, in many places in the Old Testament, exaltation refers to God (Psalm 57), but in many places in the New Testament, exaltation refers to people (Luke 14:11). (DTC)

Faith - when a person is sure something is true or right. If a person is not completely sure, this is weak faith. If a person says they are sure but they are not, this is false faith. If a person is sure, but that thing is not true or right, this is misplaced faith. God's plan is for people to grow from weak faith to strong faith, from false faith to real faith, from misplaced faith to solid faith. (DTC)

Father - God the Father. In the Bible, God is referred to as Three "persons", Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Yet there is but one God. Jesus Christ taught the disciples to address God in prayer as "our Father." See Matt. 6:9 (DTC)

Free Will - Free choice or voluntary decision. The teaching that what people do is not simply determined by an outside force. (DTC)

Grace - Getting what we don't deserve.  (Our Daily Bread)

Heresy - An opinion, view, or teaching that differs from the revealed truth of God. Especially a teaching that leads people away from unity and close fellowship with other Christians. (DTC)

Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost = The Spirit of God.
In the Bible, God is referred to as three "persons", Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Yet there is but one God. Volumes have been written about the various topics concerning the Holy Spirit and His work. (DTC)

Inspiration - You can find a lot of writing and argument about this word. In brief, the Bible comes from God. So you can trust the Bible more than any other book. Millions of people have done so, and have been blessed by this. (DTC)

Martyr - A Greek word that means a witness, someone who is called to testify to the truth. The word has come to mean, most usually, people who have proven their faith in Jesus Christ by undergoing a violent death. (DTC)

Mercy - Not getting what we do deserve.  (Our Daily Bread)

Propitiation - the satisfaction of God's anger at sin. (Word of Life diary)

Regeneration - The meaning of this term is to be born again, to have a new life. The new life is spiritual, not physical, and is a work of the Holy Spirit. See John 3:3. (DTC)

Repentance - This means to change your mind about something, and then to change your behavior. It also involves emotion, feeling sorry for what has been done in the past. God leads people to repentance in many ways, through events, through reading the Bible, through the influence of other people, and sometimes through miracles. (DTC)

Resurrection - The return of Jesus Christ to bodily life on earth on the third day after his death. (Luke 24:1-12) (DTC)

Salvation - To be saved, to be rescued, to be kept from harm or damage. The Bible presents Jesus as the one who saves, the "Savior." (DTC)

Son - The Son of God. In the Bible, God is referred to as three "persons", Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Yet there is but one God. In John 5:17-31, as well as other places, Jesus described Himself as the Son. (DTC)

Tittle - A very small part or quantity. 

Transformation - A change for the better, especially in character and behavior. As Christians grow closer to Jesus Christ, they become more like Him. (DTC)

                    See "tract" with this subject: (DRM)