The Christian's Secret - we really want you to know. . .


            Do you know a Christian? How can you tell? Can you see that they are compassionate and try to help you in a time of need? What ďgives them away?Ē

            Perhaps they want you to know the love of Jesus, but are showing you His (Jesusí) love; rather than telling you in words.

            Whatís the Christianís secret? They want you to know Jesus, just as they know Jesus, but havenít told you that in words yet. Itís not that they arenít willing to talk about Jesus; they just want you to see what a difference He (Jesus) makes in their life.

             But you already know Jesus? Where? Did you learn about Him in school? Thereís a difference between knowing Jesus in your head and knowing Jesus in your heart. THATíS the difference Christians have. They have Jesus in their heart.

             Did you know that, even if your friend hasnít told you verbally about Jesus, that you can know Him in your heart too? We can know all about Jesus in our head. We can learn lots and lots about Him from books, but without having Jesus in my heart, I wonít get into Heaven. [Thatís a real place!]

             What do I have to do to have Jesus in my heart? First, you must repent or apologize for all of the sins that you have done in the past. Next you have to admit that there is only one way to be with your Christian friends after you die Ė and that is to trust that Jesus is the only way to get to Heaven. I realize that this is hard. There are lots of other religions who say they are the way, but, to be a Christian means to be a follower of Christ Ė our Messiah. I must admit my dependence on Jesus for all of my needs and future direction. Give it all to Jesus is a great way to describe it. When you have prayed to Jesus as shown above, He will receive you as a part of His family. You canít earn your way to Heaven. It can only be done this way.

             From my personal experience, I never felt the same after praying this prayer. For a couple of days, I had a warm feeling in my heart, and overwhelming desire to learn as much as possible about Jesus. That may or may not happen to you, but you will feel a difference of some type.

             What happens next? Probably you will want to know more about Jesus, and all that He has done for you from the beginning of time, and while He was on earth. You can do that by purchasing a Bible at nearly any bookstore. Even Wal-Mart has Bibles, if you want to get one when you are there. You may want to begin at the beginning, which seems logical, but this is one book that you probably donít want to begin there . . . yet. Find the gospel of John in the New Testament. It clearly tells you about the life of Jesus, and all that He did while He was on earth.

             I hope this helps you know more about what it means to be a Christian. It really isnít hard to do Ė and your eternal life depends on what you do with Jesus. You can always contact me on the website feedback form if you have any questions, or you can ask your Christian friend Ė who you always knew loved you and wanted to help you to know Jesus, the Christ.

            For a more graphic illustration, with Bible verses that you can look up, go to this site.

            If you would like someone to talk to about your decision, or have questions, call 1-888-NEED-HIM.


DRM 6/2/2006