The Testimonies

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"A wonderful feeling came over me after that prayer was completed." —Dennis Mallory

"It's wonderful to know that God is so much greater than I could ever have imagined." —Donald T. Carlson

"Although to this day words can not express what a good friend Jesus has been to me, I do know this: for the first time in my life the sky was blue." —Janet Laballiere

"I remember well my thoughts: this is home, I had finally come home. And I was disappointed that all these years I had been missing out on this glorious business of knowing who Jesus really is." —Doris I. Hanson

"Now I just hope others will find the truth and love and peace and joy in Jesus that I have found." —Sam M. Mikel

"The love and care I was searching for has finally come in the most unexpected place." —David Joseph

"I have been set free—I am not afraid of death and hell any longer." —Mary E. Hanna

"Such love, peace, and joy filled my life that I would never have guessed before could have been possible." —Johnny Klugh

"God removed the veil and I saw, really saw my need of His cleansing and forgiveness." —Sheila Carpenter

"I know it only takes one baptism, one faith, repenting of evil, to receive Christ, and the calling on Jesus Christ's name to become a Christian and a follower of Jesus Christ, and to live the Life each day, with Christ to help me." —Arteames Mary Fabian

"I praise Him for what He did for me, and wouldn't go back for anything this world offers." —John W. Artley

"Oh happy day that fixed my choice on Thee my Savior and my God." —Harold Aldridge

"God has made me a new creature and I can't praise Him enough for that." —Linda Murdock

"Although Salvation is not a feeling, I felt a peace that surpasses all understanding." —Michael J. Froio

"... Nick is in no way the same person who came to this institution. He is a changed man." —prison chaplin, about Nick Pirovolos

"Now, at last, I had the real peace and joy that I had been seeking for so long." —Margaret J. Smith

"Yes, I'm still in prison and away from my family, but Jesus Christ strengthens me daily to comfort me day by day." —Walter R. Zinkiewitz

"I give thanks to God, who is providing me the strength to live with the reality of my loss, and for the spiritual blessings that are mine—blessings beyond the power of my human tongue to describe." —Rita A. Jennas

"As never before, God has placed in my heart a burning love and compassion to reach people of the street and all those in need." —Rick "Angel" Kensler

"Let my testimony be (and if I were to have a gravestone, the epitaph): all Glory to God alone!" —Edward L. Kokesch

"I owe Him my life, for He laid His down for me, a new creature in Him." —Linda Faye Simmons

"What a change Jesus can make!" —Edith Biddix

"I learned that God is a miracle-working God, and I am so thankful that God's gifts are so precious and Holy." —Mary Bryant

"Yes, though a mighty army marches against me, my heart shall know no fear." —Jeffrey Lynn Henry

"... for the first time I recognized Jesus paid a personal price for me on Calvary ..." —Donna Schexneider

"The emptiness ached for a saviour. Now, I can tell you that he has brought me from death to life. He took my broken life and restored it." —Joyce Becker

"God is always here to hear what you have to say." —Mike Festi

"I had wanted to turn back to God many times in my past but I didn't know how." —Deborah A. Bates

"May God bless you also." —John & Wilma Lines

"I opened the door of my heart and invited Jesus in and He came into my life and totally changed me." —Maureen C. Rion

"I felt more free that I ever felt before." —Jon Jarosh

"His love flooded my soul and profoundly impacted my life as no other event ever had." —Christian Claudio

"I certainly wanted a new start, so I asked God to forgive me for my selfish ways and asked Jesus to take over from then on. I did this in my living room, on my knees, in tears, because I knew how wrong I had been." —Lyn R. Hartman



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