The following people had their testimonies published in Testimony Newsletter during the period 1992-1996. They have given us permission to publish their testimonies on this site. There are now three later submissions received since the newsletter ceased to publish. If you would like to add your testimony, please send me an e-mail on the feedback site, and I'd be glad to add your testimony to the list.

Pastor B. Abraham

Harold H. Aldridge
"Oh happy day that fixed my choice on Thee my Savior and my God."

Henry Arnold

John W. Artley
Deborah A. Bates
"I had wanted to turn back to God many times in my past but I didn't know how."

Joyce Becker

Edith Biddix

James Bookhout

Mary Bryant

Donald Carlson

Sheila Carpenter
"God removed the veil and I saw, really saw my need of His cleansing and forgiveness."

Christian Claudio

Aliza Doyle

Ben Drake

R. G. Dunn

Arteames Fabian

Mike Festi
Michael J. Froio
"Although Salvation is not a feeling, I felt a peace that surpasses all understanding."

Mary Hanna

Doris Hanson

Lyn R. Hartman

Paul Hayford

Jeffrey Lynn Henry

David Hudson

Marilyn Jacobs
Jon Jarosh
"I felt more free that I ever felt before."

Tom Jarosh

Rita Jennas

David Joseph

Rick "Angel" Kensler

Johnny Klugh
Edward L. Kokesch
"Let my testimony be: all Glory to God alone!"

Janet Laballiere
John & Wilma Lines
"May God bless you also."

Claud Alan Lynch
  Dennis Mallory
"A wonderful feeling came over me after that prayer was completed."

Chris Mathews

Sam Mikel

Kay A. Miller
Linda Murdock
"God has made me a new creature and I can't praise Him enough for that."

Scott Neville

David Patterson

Kelly L. Phillips

Nick Pirovolos

Magaly Reyes for her mother

Magaly Reyes for herself

Maureen Rion
Donna Schexneider
"... for the first time I recognized Jesus paid a personal price for me on Calvary..

Linda F. Simmons

Margaret J. Smith

Terrence J. Stoneburner

Susan Trudgen

Jan van de Plas

Robert R. Ward

Henry West

Walter R. Zinkiewitz