Moody's Stories

Being a Second Volume of Anecdotes

Incidents and Illustrations

By D. L. Moody

Authorized Collection




A Brighter Picture
A Father's Mistake
A Father's Neglect
A Free Gift
A Good Illustration
A Hundred Years Hence
A Legend about Doves
A Long Time to Reap
A Mother's Love
A Personal Matter
A Reminiscence
A Rum-Seller's Son Blows His Brains Out
 A Universal Failing
Act on Your Belief
All Things Work for Good
An Anecdote about Tennyson
Any One Can Believe
"As a Little Child"
"Baby's Feeding Himself!"
Bad Company
Balaam's Ass
Beautiful Motion but No Progress
Bending His Will
Better Make Sure
Bidding Christ Farewell
Bound Hand and Foot
Calling a Man a Liar
Chasing His Shadow
Choose Now
Christ For All
Climb Higher
"Come! Come! Come!"
Confessing Christ at Home
Constant Watching
Converted the Regular Way
Crazy from Sin
Criticizing the Sermon
Different Kinds of Murder
Don't Scold
Don't Swear!
Doubting Castle
Draw Nearer
Drawing a Comparison
Dumb Christians
Easy, and Yet Difficult
Following the Lamb
"Forty Miles to Liberty"
Get Inside!
Get It into Your Heart
Getting On Splendidly
Green Fields or Desert?
Have Faith
He Got Time To Think
He Silenced the Devil
He Trusted his Father
"Help Yourself!"
His Minister's Bible
"Hitch On" and "Cut Behind"
Home Piety
How one Man Treated Doubts
How the Miners were Saved
How to Find the Thirsty
How to Settle the Theater Question
Hunt For Something
Illuminated Christians
Is your Soul Insured?
"It Is Not For You!"
It Seemed Too Good to be True
It Takes Time
Its Strength was Underestimated
Keep Close!
Known by Name
Lady Pendulum
Like Siamese Twins
Look to Christ!
Looking for Revivals
Lost Opportunities
Making Parables
Missed At Last!
Mocked by his Children
Mrs. Moody Teaching Her Child
Napoleon and the Conscript
Nearer than he Thought
Neglecting Church
Never Runs Dry
No Difference
No Need to Read Them
Not Ashamed of his Lord
Not Much up There
Not Troubled with Doubts
Nothing Small
On Both Knees
On Satan's Ground
Oratorical Preaching
Paying Attention to the Preacher
Peace Declared
Perfect Order
Pull for the Shore
Queer Ideas of Repentance
Reaping As They Sowed
Receiving and Never Giving
Religion In the Home
Sawdust or Bread
Saying and Doing
Seeing the Gospel
Seeking the Lost
Settle It Now!
Should Not Be Postponed
Small Beginnings
Some Things Quite Plain
Something God Cannot Do
Something New
Starting Right
Steer Clear
Stolen Goods a Burden
Sunday Work
Taking the Wrong Boat
Teaching Willie Faith
That Love is Spontaneous
That's Me!
The Anchored Boat
The Best Proof
The Border Apple-Tree
The Faithful Promiser
The Fatal Sleep
The Father Knew Best
The First "Don't Worry Club"
The Folly of Covetousness
The Greater Mystery
The Greatest Miracle
The Invitation to a Saloon Opening
The Little Boy and the Big Book
The Little Lone One
The Mansion Made Ready
The Meanest Kind of Murderers
The Most Important Thing
The Motherless Child
The Mysteries of the Bible
The One-Eyed Doe
The Panorama Looks Brighter
The Path of Obedience
The Prairie Fire
The Promise For All
The Rich Husband
The Right Time for Action
The Scarlet Thread
The Sinner's Heart
The Story Followed Him
The Summing Up of His Life
The True Sheep Knows
The True Source of Joy
The Usual Way
The War was Ended
The Wrath of God Was on Him
The Wrong Physician
There Must Be Roots
They Knew It
Throw Out the Ballast
To Which Class Do You Belong?
Tolling the Bell
"Too Late!"
Touching the Spot
Transplanting the Lily
Tried and Proven
Turning on the Tap
Two Bidding for the Soul
Two Pictures
Use or Lose
Unlocked By Prayer
Warm the Wax!
What a Sister Can Do
What is Needed
What Seed Are You Sowing?
"When Ye Think Not"
Where your Treasure Is
Why his Life was Spared
Willie and the Bears
"With or Without Power"
Words and Actions
Worth Ten Thousand Men
Your Own Picture There