September 11, 2001

    It was a beautiful day here in the northeastern United States. What could happen? No one could imagine that anyone would really want to hurt us that much.

    People came to work as usual; then suddenly, something hit the building. At first they didn't know what it was, and very soon they found out. 

    When you found out what happened, it hit you as suddenly as it hit them. Fortunately we are still here to think about it and to contemplate our fate. The people in the World Trade Center or the Pentagon didn't have any more time to think. It was over for them. 

    God worked a miracle in the World Trade Center. The little that I know about architecture and my single experience at the top of the building make me think of the interior layout of the floors. In the center of the building (either one) were the elevator banks and stairwells. The 107th floor seemed to me to just float out from the middle. When the plane came into the building, it HAD to cut off that core that held the building together. My limited logic would seem to indicate that the building should have fallen when the core was cut. What kept the floors above the plane from collapsing? God's angels must have done it. God, in His amazing power, had the angels hold the building long enough for thousands and thousands of people to get out. What other explanation could there be? If 50,000 people worked in the building, and 47,000 were able to get out before the collapse, God was the provider. Yes, I feel horribly sad for the remainder who didn't get out, but please praise the Lord for saving those who did.

    When you heard about the catastrophe, it was a sudden event. It wasn't something that you were planning for. Like the 2,751 who died that day, it came in an instant.

    We don't know how many of the 2,973 people who died that day {at all locations} had trusted in the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior. After their time had come, they had no more time to choose to trust in Jesus. If they had chosen to trust in Him, they are in Heaven as you read this. If they didn't, they probably went to hell. The decision HAS to be made while you are on this earth. There is no time to make up your mind after you have died.

    I pray that if you haven't made up your mind about Jesus, that this sudden event will cause you to think about it. It's so easy to trust in Jesus; but people think they are giving up their freedom to do as they please. That's not true. With Jesus in your heart and soul, He causes you to love Him more and more and to want to serve Him and do His will.

    Please consider confessing your sins to Jesus by praying to Him and asking for forgiveness and by telling Jesus that you want to follow Him for the rest of your life.  For more help, look at the following link where Jesus' offer of eternal life is clearer: