Are you a Christian that is interested in a meeting where you can be with others, but need a revival of interest and want to re-commit yourself to studying the Bible and seeking the Lord Jesus' direction for your life? I think all Christians need an occasional revival of their faith, as the world's distractions always pull us away from doing what we think the Lord really wants us to do.

    If enough people send me an e-mail showing their interest, perhaps we could find a central-downtown church that would be willing to let us meet for a revival type service. Are you interested in attending such a proposed Saturday afternoon service? I believe that there is strength in numbers. If enough people send me e-mails of support, and I present a few hundred e-mails to a church, then I believe that a church will allow us to use their facility for this one-time service.

    We could do something like this:

  1. Agree that you would like to go to such a service.
  2. Send me an e-mail that contains the same or similar content to what I have written below. (You can add whatever you want :-)
  3. When I receive 400 requests, I will present them to a church, with the hope that they would be willing to schedule a revival service. {We would determine who the speaker would be at that time.}
  4. I will keep you posted on this page, as I receive e-mails, as to how many have been received etc.
  5. After I meet with a local Chicago church, I will notify you of the outcome, and, God willing, a Saturday afternoon meeting will be planned where we can all re-commit ourselves to being more in the service of the Lord Jesus, as He provides.

You can copy this letter (cut and paste into an e-mail) or write something similar:

Subject: Revival meeting

    I am a Christian, and am interested in attending a "revival" service where I may know Jesus in a more intimate way. I would like the service to be on a Saturday afternoon in the near future.

    Your name
    Your e-mail

    I will not use or distribute your e-mail address to anyone other than to show interest to the church that I propose the meeting to. When a date is established, I will send you an e-mail with the specifics.

Friday, January 31, 2014

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