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John & Wilma Lines' Testimony

We were both sinners it is true. I accepted the Lord first. My beloved husband wouldn't go to church for awhile, then he accepted the Lord. He kept asking the pastor what could he do. He said, "I can't sing in the choir. I can't teach a Sunday School class. I can't be a deacon or be an usher. What can I do?" The pastor told him that God would show him what He wanted him to do.

In the meantime, I was bringing home some booklets about Jesus. One night while we were still living in West Palm Beach, Florida, a young neighbor who lived across the street was abusing his wife. My husband said, "I can't stand to hear someone use God's name in vain." So my husband put a tract in his doorway. We never heard any more cursing.

My husband felt God wanted him to pass out tracts. We both felt that what the good Lord wanted was for us to pass out tracts together. We went to Savannah, Georgia, to pass out tracts door to door. A young black man came running down the street and said, "Is that about Jesus?" My husband answered, "Yes!"

So we decided to sell our home and move back to Savannah, which is our home town. The only bad thing about it is we bought a home that wasn't half as good as the one we had in Florida. We have no regrets. We passed out quite a number of tracts.

Now we have to stay home. My beloved husband had a prostate cancer operation. He had to take 36 radium treatments. We had a typewriter, so he got the idea, why not type my own sermons? He did just that. He would be so weak I would say, "Honey, why don't you lie down and rest?" He wouldn't do that. He would reply, "Just one more word." Sometimes it would be hours before he would lie down.

The sermons he wrote and had copied made a hit right away. Then we read a book written by the late John R. Rice. The book had the question, "Is it all right to take the tithes and purchase booklets or tracts to pass out?" The answer was yes! We now have a lot of sermons copied and we pass them out.

We just can't get enough support. It isn't that we don't have faith. We do pray, and we trust in our blessed Lord. We would rather do without everything if we have to, as we feel He owns it all. We pray that someone will enjoy reading our testimony. In fact, we will enclose one of John's sermons in this testimony. We pray that God will bless all people of all walks of life no matter what the color of the skin. We love all people of all walks of life.

May God bless you also. Your new friends,

John + Wilma Lines