Of all of the evangelists that I have listed on this site, Jack Wyrtzen is the only one that I actually spoke to personally. If you have read my personal testimony, you would note that I became a Christian at Word of Life while Jack Wyrtzen was the director. Fortunately, during the summer of 1986, just a few months after I became a Christian, I still had my store in Schroon Lake on weekends, so was able to go to the Sunday morning meetings at the Word of Life Inn. After I had been there for several Sundays, I felt a little more confident and actually sat with the other guests. On one occasion, Jack seemed to recognize me and gave me a tap on the shoulder. I wondered why? Was I someone special, or was that just his way of being glad that I came?

    If I had any ideas that I thought were worth mentioning, I felt that I could walk up and talk to Jack. There weren't too many such occasions, but he was the type of person that loved to just talk to anyone. That was his life. It didn't make any difference who you were. 

    In 1992, as I was publishing Testimony Newsletter, we published his testimony/tract entitled "PASSPORT FROM EARTH TO HEAVEN". I have linked a copy of it here. When we were in the final edit stage of that particular testimony, Jack added the words "National Guard" near the end of the fourth paragraph in his famous red pen.

     I'm not sure where I heard this, but think I know. . . I've overheard another reasonably well known Christian say, after Jack's home going in 1996, that "he was the most like D.L. Moody of any of the evangelists of our era." 

    It was truly a privilege to know Jack Wyrtzen, even though I wasn't that close. He was a great example of what a Christian should be like. 

      Here are two biographies that I have located so far that could be of interest:

Billy Graham Center Archives

    I will be looking for more, and linking to them here.

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 1960's era post card of Jack Wyrtzen at Schroon Lake, NY




Jack and Marge Wyrtzen's gravestone.