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       Edith Biddix's Testimony


My Christian parents were simple, humble, Jesus loving people. They took me to church beginning in early childhood. But church did not interest me as a teenager. I thought it would have been better if God hadn't made Sundays. Sitting through sermons was boring.

My parents prayed for my salvation. Finally our local pastor was invited to visit and try to convince me to accept Jesus and become a Christian.

When he arrived, I rushed into my bedroom, hoping he would forget I was a sinner. It wasn't time to identify with Jesus and change lifestyles. But the Holy Spirit led me out of my bedroom, directing me to Jesus. My resistance broke, I yielded to the Holy Spirit and accepted Jesus into my life. He forgave my sin and saved me!

Suddenly new friends were made, and habits changed. I had a whole new lifestyle. I began a daily time for prayer and Bible study. Jesus was very special! My parents reconized Jesus was making a new daughter. It was slow. There were adjustments to make. Church work was exciting and worshipping Jesus was a joy, not a dread.

But as I grew in faith, I had more problems. Not as a result of being saved; life demanded more, pressures were harder. My nervous system had always been weak, now it was breaking down. I had problems eating and sleeping. My doctor put me on medication. He said there wasn't any cure for this disease, it was in the nerve cells. Soon I was addicted to nerve pills. I took them with me everywhere. Everything abnormal upset me. My personal faith in Jesus was strong, but I didn't ask Him to heal me. He had given me such a better life already.

An anointed, Spirit-filled Evangelist from out of state come to my local town to conduct a gospel tent revival. I decided to attend and observe. After two nights of seeing Jesus heal people, I became a believer in His power to heal. I went back, praying for a miracle. The Evangelist called me up for prayer and anointing. As the healing power touched me, I became healed.

The Holy Ghost anointed me to write Christian material. I write Christian poetry and have been published. Since that night at the gospel tent, I haven't needed any nerve pills, I am saved and healed. What a change Jesus can make! He can do the same for you, try Him.

Praise His Holy Name!