In 1967, when I was still a teenager, I had the desire to be a stamp dealer. With my father as a co-signer, I had my first d/b/a (Doing Business As) certificate in my county in the name of Avis Stamp Co.

     My logic was since I was already collecting stamps, that I might as well get as many as possible and sell the extras. I was set on my mission to acquire as many stamps as possible.

    Before long, stamps took up most of my time. Even while I was in high school and college I continued to hoard more and more stamps.

    There were several different business ideas that I had that dealt with stamps. The first was selling First Day Covers as new stamps were being issued. Later I went into just United States stamps, and later I decided to specialize in just United States used stamps.

    At different times I had pricelists of the stamps that I had available, and for a short time I had illustrated monthly pricelists.

    I never made any money at the business. I had fun soaking and sorting stamps, but spent a LOT of time on it for the little monetary reward that I received.

    In 2000, God led me to begin this ministry and I spent all of my free time soaking and sorting again but this time with the purpose of selling the whole inventory. God was very good, in that when I was finished with all of the sorting, a local dealer was willing to purchase the whole lot. It filled up his pickup truck, but now 98% of my United States stamps are gone and I will have more time to spend on serving the Lord Jesus Christ in whatever way He directs me.

   The remainder I have tried to sell on eBay occasionally. Eventually they will all be a memory!