Northfield Mount Hermon Schools Photos


    Below are several photos that I took at the Northfield Mount Hermon Schools during my many visits. Most of these are from the Northfield side of the river, which is now empty and being offered for sale by the school. Click on the photo for a larger picture.

Map of western Massachusetts with location marked.

D. L. Moody preaching at Round Top, from an old post card.

Map of the Northfield side of the NMH campus.

Birthplace of Dwight Lyman Moody in 1837.

Recent photo of birthplace - 2005.

  Exterior of 1894 Auditorium - taken in 1993

Exterior of 1894 Auditorium - location of later conferences.

Exterior of Auditorium - taken October 2007

Interior of Auditorium. Seating

Interior of Auditorium. Stage

Sacred Concert held in Auditorium by students, 2001

Moore Cottage, Guest House, 2003

View toward Round Top

Students going to class, 1988

Merrill-Keep Hall, October 2007

Sanda Countway Hall, October 2007

Stone Hall

East Hall

Gould Hall, 2005

Billings Hall

Sage Chapel, 2000

Exterior of Sage Chapel, December 1993

Interior of Sage Chapel, rear

Interior of Sage Chapel, December 1993

Evelyn Hall Memorial stone

Bolger Arts Center

Dolben Library from pond side

Pond next to Library

Pond near Dolben Library, October 2007

Solomon's Temple in Library - model given to DL Moody in 18841

Solomon's Temple in Library - model given to DL Moody in 18841

Sign at D. L. Moody homestead, October 2007

Homestead of Dwight L. Moody

Bedroom of Dwight L. Moody, from where he passed to Heaven, December 22, 1899.

The Dollhouse, probably the least photographed building on the campus? Do you know it's story?

Some photos on wall in D. L. Moody Museum located in the birthplace.

Painting of Birthplace in D. L. Moody Museum


Chapel from distance.

Larger photo (two pieces put together) of Chapel. D. L. Moody preached here in 1898.

Interior of Chapel

Memorial plaque in Chapel to those who gave their lives in the mission field.

Blake Student Center? Taken in June 1994

Looking toward Alumni (Dining) Hall, October 2007

I can't determine the name of this building, if you can, please send me a e-mail; October 2007

The pond near the main entrance to the campus. October 2007


     Camp Northfield was founded by DL Moody in 18951. It is next to the Northfield campus, but is not affiliated with the school at present. When I went there, it was run by the Independent Baptist churches of New England.

Camp Northfield Chapel

1from "All about Northfield" A. P. Fitt, Pages 64 and 80.