English Translations of the Bible

The King James Version
    The Revised Version
    The Revised Standard Version (1946)

The New Testament in Modern Speech (1903)

A New Translation of the Bible (1913)

The Complete Bible: an American Translation (1927)

The Holy Bible - Catholic - by Ronald Knox (1944)

The New World Translation - Jehovah's Witnesses (1950)

The Authentic New Testament - by a Jewish scholar (1955)

The Amplified Bible (1958)

The New Testament in Modern English (1958)

The Holy Bible: The Berkeley Version in Modern English (1959)

The New English Bible (1961)

The Jerusalem Bible (1966)

Good News Bible (1966)

New American Bible (1970)

The Living Bible (1971)

New American Standard Bible (1973)

New International Version (1974)

New Revised Standard Version (1990)

New Century Version (1991)

Today's English Version (1992)

The Message (1993)

Contemporary English Version (1995)

God's Word Translation (1995)

New Living Translation (1996)


There are probably several more.